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Can I cancel my ticket?

Can I cancel my ticket?

You can send us a cancellation request under the 'Cancellation' botton in 'My booking' on our website.

>Sign in on 'Manage bookings' with your booking number (which you can find in your confirmation email) and your email address (the one you used to make your booking).

>Choose the option 'Cancellation'.

>Choose the itinerary and passengers and click Submit.

>You will receive a notification about the cost of cancellation within 1-2 working days.Until your confirmed is replied to us, the ticket remains unchanged but costs can differ.

Please note: this is a cancellation request, your booking has not been cancelled yet!

Cancelling your trip will always involve costs. Depending on the ticket conditions of the airline, you have the right to receive a (partial) refund. We will help you to calculate the costs of your cancellation and check if you will receive a (partial) refund. But the final refund amount is subject to airline's discretion.

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